Florida insurance claims damage vehicle appraisal"

"When ASAP isn't good enough and you need it yesterday, call us!"

TEL # 863-420-9916 FAX # 863-420-9962

Our Adjusters/Appraisers are all-lines, licensed, certified and insured.

(Average Turn-Around time 1.6 days.)

Over 35 years experience in damage estimating and evaluating:

Automobiles, Boats, Bulldozers, Busses, School and private passenger coaches, Construction equipment, Cranes, Farm equipment, Recreational vehicles (RV's), Heavy Trucks, Semi-Tractors, Semi-Trailers, Property, Flood losses (both fresh and salt water), Motorcycles and a host of other types of equipment and machinery.

(Other Services Provided)

We prepare diminished value reports for vehicles and equipment devalued as a result of an accident. We also provide expert witness testimony and referee service for evaluations in settlement disputes.

Our Goal

Our goal is to always provide accurate and professional service. On each and every estimate/evaluation we try our hardest to turn them around within 24 hours. This saves you money on down time and temporary replacement units or vehicles (Rentals).

We would be honored for the opportunity to put our expertise and professional knowledge to work for you.